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Welcome Fans of BB11/13, TAR16's and MBC3's
Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd

Welcome to the Jeff & Jordan Fan Site, a website devoted to Reality Stars Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd. Together the Hottie from Chi-Town and the Southern Spitfire captivated fans with their genuine personalities and charm. Fans couldn't get enough of how these two complimented each other so well to form the perfect package.

The "JeJo" Fan site, as our members so affectionately call it, is a place for fans to visit and chat with fellow JeJo fans, share media and get the latest updates on their favorite reality stars.

 For anyone who might stumble across this site and don't know Jeff and Jordan, they are two CBS Reality Show Favorites. In the Summer of 2009 They were cast on the Reality Show "Big Brother". It didn't take long for them to gravitate towards one another and form a strong alliance and even stronger bond.
 Jeff and Jordan maintained an "underdog" status for half the game, until America voted, in record numbers, to give Jeff the special Power of the "Coup D'etat" . With this power Jeff was able to flip the game allowing him and Jordan to finally take power and change the face of the game in their favor.
During their time in the BB house, Jeff and Jordan also found themselves falling for one another, although it seemed to take them a while to admit it to each other or even to themselves.
 Alas, Jeff and Jordan's reign of power was short lived, as Jeff made some of the biggest moves of the game, getting rid of the strongest players, it made him the biggest target left in the game. As soon as Jeff and Jordan lost power, Jeff was put up for eviction against Jordan and they both realized this was the end of their game together. Jeff was evicted leaving Jordan to fight alone, but using all the encouragement and wisdom Jeff  had given her throughout the game, she proved everyone wrong and got herself to the final 2. On Finale night with the help of America's Vote, Jordan won $500,000 by a vote of 5-2, and Jeff won the America's Favorite Houseguest prize of $25,000.
After the Finale, Jeff and Jordan confirmed to fans that they were "together" and would be pursuing a long distance relationship with one another, as he lives in Chicago and she lives in Charlotte, NC. Finale Week found Jeff and Jordan on talk shows and red carpet events  as well as being nominated for a Fox Reality Award for "Best Reality Duo" which they won!  But this wasn't then end of their "15 minutes"... 
It also turned out that CBS adored the two and a few days after the finale Jeff and Jordan were asked to be on another CBS Reality Show "The Amazing Race".
Although they admitted it would might put a strain on their new relationship, Jeff and Jordan jumped at the chance to compete on "TAR". Jeff was passionate about travel and Jordan had never been out of the country. So both were excited about the new adventure and the second chance to win prize money. 
Jeff and Jordan started the race off strong, coming in first on the first leg, however after a series of bad luck and choices,  Jeff and Jordan were eliminated from the race on the 6th leg.  Jeff, being so competitive, was upset but came to realize that he and Jordan were winners in the end because they had a once in a lifetime adventure and the stress didn't hurt him & Jordan instead it actually helped strengthen their relationship. 
After the Race Jeff and Jordan returned to their respective homes to once again deal with the strain that was the long distance between them. But they never expected how large that distance could grow as they took on their new challenge. Jeff's new show Around The World For Free. A previous online hit from Amazing Race Season 1 Winner Alex Boylan, Survivor's Burton Roberts and Director Zsolt Luka, Jeff was picked by CBS to host Season 2 of the show which would span the summer of 2010. This meant Jeff and Jordan would soon face long distance like they'd never known.
Jordan would soon find new distractions to help her deal with Jeff's absence in the form of school and a weekly show on Superpass. Meanwhile, Jeff prepared to begin his journey but not before one last stop in Charlotte to share an emotional farewell with Jordan. Jeff officially launched the show with an interview on the CBS Early Show with Julie Chen. than left for his journey to circumnavigate the globe with no money in his pocket only able to rely on fans and strangers for help. Jeff, accompanied by Director Zsolt Luka began making their way west through the States and just as they were about to leave the country Jeff stopped by the Big Brother House once again to meet up one last time with Jordan to co-host the Big Brother 12 POV. Competition "Lovers Lane" From there Jeff, with the help from this fan site, traveled to Japan to begin his international journey. 
As the weeks went on Jeff traveled to amazing places, he climbed Mt Fuji, helped bring Cambodian locals fresh Water, met his Asian BB doppelgänger on the set of BB Thailand, Toured the slums of India, followed by a swing by Dracula's Castle in Romania. The entire time Jeff and Jordan kept in touch via skype and numerous phone calls each day. But their fans, knew that wasn't enough so the fan site once again stepped in and paid for Jeff and Jordan to fly to Italy and reunite after enduring 80-days apart. Jeff and Jordan spent a magical 3 days together in Italy with some of Jeff's family as he showed Jordan a bit of his family's lineage. Some good wine, eats, romantic strolls and a trip to Pisa and Jordan and Jeff once again parted. Luckily not for too much longer as his journey had only a few more weeks left to go. Jeff finished off ATWFF with a bang, Oktoberfest in Germany, Skydiving in England and then back home after 100 days to end the show back where it launched on the Early Show in NYC.
Finally back to their normal routine, Jeff and Jordan continued their long distance relationship visiting each other every few weeks through Christmas, New Years and into the spring. They kept in touch with fans through Twitter, Meet and Greets and various Video chats including a special live chat with this site. 
In July of 2011 CBS invited Jeff and Jordan back to the Big Brother house to compete in Season 13 as one of 3 Dynamic Duo teams. Jeff and Jordan were met with such adoration once they entered the house, but soon sides formed and it was game on. Jeff and Jordan became members of "Team Veterans" and battled each weeks against "Team Newbies" and for the first three weeks they dominated until a member of their own team betrayed them culminating in Jeff's nomination for eviction in week four. Jeff won the coveted Power of Veto and ensured that he and Jordan would make it to Jury, which satisfied their main goal... to stay together all summer. 
From then it on it was a rocky road for the Vets, they faced losses and even more shocking betrayals. In week seven Jeff won HOH and POV and was able to enact vengeance on his betrayers, but his victory would be short lived. As his reign as HOH came to an end he immediately faced a surprise double eviction and when power switched to the other side they quickly grabbed the opportunity to evict Jeff who was one of the strongest players left in the game.. Jordan took Jeff's eviction hard as she had done in her season, but soon bounced back and formed a powerful alliance with her remaining Vet teammate Rachel.
Sadly this season it was not "in the cards" for Jordan to win as a week before the finale she was evicted making her the sixth member of the jury. Jeff and Jordan reunited on finale night and helped vote their teammate Rachel to victory, but before the night was over Jeff and Jordan would learn how much the fans still adored them when Jeff was announced as the winner of America's Favorite Player for a second time! An achievement  unprecedented in Big Brother History. 
After Big Brother 13 ended Jeff and Jordan continued with their low-key lifestyle, still long distance but stronger than ever. They continued to keep in touch with fans and Jeff continued pursuing his career in the entertainment industry. Finally in November 2011 Jeff and Jordan announced that the long distance  phase of their lives was over and they had decided to move to Southern California together allowing Jeff the opportunity to pursue his dreams.
So for now they seemed to be headed in the right direction, taking their relationship at a pace that is right for them. Jordan will be  embracing a new adventure as she moves away from her family for the first time and Jeff will maintain the determination that has helped guide his career thus far.
 Jeff and Jordan have become more active in charity work with Jeff's work for Missions in Action and his and Jordan's 2012 Trip to Cambodia for PLC's "Build a City" project. Rumors still circulate about possible TV projects for both Jeff and Jordan and Jeff is sure not to waste this opportunity while he and Jordan start their lives in the entertainment capital of the world. Their amazing story is one that continues to inspire fans around the world and astonish the naysayers that said it would never last.
Next fans were treated to a CBS produced web series "Jeff and Jordan Do America" where viewers got to watch Jeff and Jordan take the historic Route 66 to explore the country on their way to their new home in LA. Jeff and Jordan had a blast visiting epic sights along the way and having amazing adventures like zip lining and bull riding which had unfortunate consequences for Jeff. But in Jeff's fashion he took it in great stride and they made it to their new home.
 Jeff and Jordan flourished in LA, experiencing all the city had to offer, from red carpet premiers to show tapings, where they won a trip to Australia. Jeff also briefly hosted a radio show with their friend Bob Merrick and enhanced his hosting and interviewing skills to prepare for his next larger role in the CBS family.
Jeff was soon the face of the Big Brother Live Feeds and Exit Interviews. He also took on other special CBS projects like BB All Nighter and interviewing HG's families for Big Brother broadcast segments. Jeff has proven himself a talented commodity for CBS so much so they extended his hosting into the Survivor realm. Jordan, after a brief move back to N.C., returned to LA with her cosmetology license ready to resume her life with Jeff.
And finally after a wait that seemed like forever for some fans and Jordan, Jeff surprised Jordan and popped the question in a beautiful set up in the Big Brother Backyard. Jordan was shocked and ecstatic, especially to see her family emerge for the surprise followed by a serenade by one of her favorite singers.
 The lovebirds now engaged began to plan their wedding, while Jordan continued to adjust to the fast paced LA life. She seemed to take to her new life, making new friends, finding a career and creating her own opportunities while she supported Jeff as he continued to follow his dreams.
 Soon Jeff and Jordan would take on their next challenge in the show Marriage Boot Camp, along with other reality star couples, Jeff and Jordan risked it all to confront their relationship issues in order to become a stronger couple. There was plenty of drama, laughs and even tears, but in the end they knew that they were meant for one another.
 Jeff and Jordan had fully embraced social media and were amazing to their fans in terms of sharing special moments in their lives, but when it came to their wedding Jordan reached out to fans via their new youtube page and launched "Jeff and Jordan TV". Each week she would post a video at first talking about her and Jeff's journey and then went on to use the videos as a platform to ask advice from her fans about planning her upcoming wedding.
April 6th Jeff and Jordan posted a shocking announcement on their youtube page. They informed the world that not only had they secretly gotten married a month earlier but that they were expecting their first child! Fans were thrilled to hear the news and virtually every media site picked up and shared the joyous news. Jeff and Jordan married on March 16th 2016 in the Beverly Hills courthouse surrounded by a small group of friends. They planned to have a much larger traditional wedding the following year, but at the time wanted to focus on the bundle of joy that was on the way.


On October 13th 2016 Lawson Keith Schroeder was born to a very proud Mom and Dad as well as having his very own built in fan base! Jeff and Jordan confided in their fans that parenthood, especially for new parents wasn't as easy as they might have made it look, but it's a learning process and they were confident that they and their relationship would thrive despite the new challenges they now faced.

In the Summer of 2017 Jeff, Jordan and Lawson said goodbye to Southern California and headed to Denver Colorado to start a new adventure. Jeff was offered the job of 
Co-host on Daily Blast Live, a new interactive and broadcast platform for trending news.  This move was an adjustment but ultimately they are all flourishing in their new home. As Jeff continues to successfully pursue his career in the entertainment industry, Jordan and Lawson are settling in to a new peaceful and slower pace of life that suits Jordan much better than the rush of Los Angeles. In October 2017 Lawson turned 1 year old making his parents and the JeJo family wonder "Wow where does the time go?" Soon we'll be watching him walk, talk, ride his first bike, and maybe one day soon welcome a new brother or sister into his life. In the meantime while we all patiently wait for these milestones please enjoy your visit to the Jeff and Jordan fansite. This site is the ultimate scrapbook of memories collected by fans over the years so that we can all come together and share in our love of all things "JeJo".

Fast Forward to the Spring of 2020...Jeff and Jordan have just purchased their first home in Denver, CO. They now have two sons, the oldest Lawson, who turns 4 this year, is the spitting image of Jeff and the youngest Layton, who turns 2 this year, is blond and blue eyed like Jordan. They are excited to have a home where the boys have their own rooms and they can run around more freely. Jeff is excited to have his own grill. Dreams do come true! Jeff continues to work at Daily Blast Live, going on almost 3 years now. Jordan is a stay at home mom but the boys make sure she's always busy! They continue to have a huge following but they have both scaled back on their online presence due to the fact they want more privacy and just want to enjoy family over anything. We can't wait to see what comes next in the "JeJo" journey! 

The ?JeJo? Fan site, as our members so affectionately call it, is
a place for fans to visit and chat with fellow JeJo fans, share
media and get the latest updates on their favorite reality stars.
The ?JeJo? Fan site, as our members so affectionately call it, is
a place for fans to visit and chat with fellow JeJo fans, share
media and get the latest updates on their favorite reality stars.

If you enjoy this site and would like to see it continue to be add free and maintain it's bandwidth and media storage capacity please consider donating to support the site. Thank you :)

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